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Tattoo aftercare from Tatt Splatt and other Directions accessories.

Tatt Splatt tattoo aftercare contains high quality ingredients, specifically chosen for their individual skin soothing properties highly beneficial to the skin.

Our Directions accessories allow you to kit yourself out for creating the perfect colour. From protective gloves to towels and aprons, we’ve got you covered!

  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan
  • Made in Britain
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  • Salon Starter Kit

    Salon Starter Kit

    (8 colours - 1 x 88ml tub of each)


  • Tatt Splatt Soothing Tattoo Moisturiser (50ml)

    Tatt Splatt

    Soothing Tattoo Moisturiser



  • Tint Brush

    Tint Brush


  • Colour Chart Swatch Book

    Colour Chart

    (36 Colours)


  • Calendar 2021



  • Blue Apron

    Apron – Blue

    (One size fits all)


  • Orange Apron

    Apron – Orange

    (One size fits all)


  • Pink Apron

    Apron – Pink

    (One size fits all)


  • Yellow Apron

    Apron – Yellow

    (One size fits all)


  • Blue Towel

    Towel – Blue

    (100cm x 50cm)


  • Orange Towel

    Towel – Orange

    (100cm x 50cm)


  • Yellow Towel

    Towel – Yellow

    (100cm x 50cm)


  • Pink Towel

    Towel - Pink

    (100cm x 50cm)


  • Large Gloves




  • Medium Gloves






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