Our colour range

Vegan semi permanent conditioning hair colour. Available in 36 brilliant colours.

Colours shown are a simulation of the actual colour. Naturally, results will vary depending on hair colour, hair type, the process, products used. We always recommend doing a strand test first. Head over to our how to guide for full instructions.

  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan
  • Made in Britain
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  • Dark Tulip Colour

    Dark Tulip


  • Rubine Colour



  • Tulip Colour



  • Vermillion Colour

    Vermillion Red


  • Fire



  • Pillarbox Red Colour

    Pillarbox Red


  • Poppy Red Colour

    Poppy Red


  • Carnation Pink Colour

    Carnation Pink


  • Cerise Pink Colour



  • Flamingo Pink Colour

    Flamingo Pink


  • Pastel Pink Colour

    Pastel Pink


  • Rose Red

    Rose Red


  • Apricot colour



  • Bright Daffodil COlour

    Bright Daffodil


  • Coral Red Colour

    Coral Red


  • Flame Colour



  • Mandarine



  • Tangerine



  • Apline Green Colour

    Alpine Green


  • Apple Green Colour

    Apple Green


  • 88ml tub

    Fluorescent Glow


  • Spring Green Colour

    Spring Green


  • Atlantic Blue Colour

    Atlantic Blue


  • Denim Blue Colour

    Denim Blue


  • Lagoon Blue Colour

    Lagoon Blue


  • Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue


  • Turquoise



  • Neon Blue Colour

    Neon Blue


  • Lavender Colour



  • Lilac Colour



  • Wisteria Colour



  • Plum Colour



  • Violet Colour



  • Ebony Colour



  • Silver Colour



  • White Toner Colour

    White Toner




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